7 Best Mobile Apps To Make Money Online In Nigeria

The need to have multiple streams of income cannot be overstressed. There are a ton of bills to pay and you certainly just can’t put all the strain on one source or put all your eggs in one basket, as such we explore a comprehensive list of 7 of the best mobile apps to make money online in Nigeria.

These mobile apps offer tasks that attract financial rewards. As such, enthusiasts can invest their spare time in carrying out these tasks, with the sole aim of earning extra cash. Without further Ado let’s jump to the list.

1. Carry1st Trivia

Trivia App

Nigerian erudite enter here. The Carry1st Trivia app is fun and also financially beneficial. It challenges the extent to which you are vast in knowledge, with a list of carefully selected questions. The deal here is to give the right answers to the questions provided and get rewarded financially.

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Questions you may likely see on the Carry1st trivia platform are chosen from categories like Afrobeats, Nollywood, Nigerian History, and lost more. Come and show the extent to which you are knowledgeable. You have been challenged. “Na who know something go win money here”

2. Click Worker


The Click worker app can be described as a hub for micro jobs, that can fetch you resources to settle some bills. It packs in a substantial list of jobs that can be accessed in on the app, which was designed intuitively to make Navigations a breeze. Some of the jobs offered on the click worker platform are outlined below:

  • Surveys
  • Online research
  • App testing
  • Making audio and video recordings
  • Mystery photography/store visits
  • Writing and proofing texts
  • Categorizing data

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To make the whole process of getting acquainted with the app easy, Clicker offers a very seamless procedure for registration. Enthusiats will have to fill out a form describing their particulars. Please note that you will be needing a functioning Paypal account to cash your funds.

3. Foap


The Foap app is a money-making app that’s probably going to appeal to smartphone photographers. This is hinged on the fact that Flop lets enthusiasts make money by distributing photos taken through top-notch vendors like Getty Images. Your photos get sold and thereafter you get paid.

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The base reward for photos sold with Foap is $50. Please note that Foap takes a commission of 50% for every photo sold, which then leaves you with 50%. If you are a smartphone photographer in search of a place to sell your photos, then Foap may just be all you need right now. The Foap app is available for download from the Google Playstore.

4. Toluna

Mobile Apps To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Toluna is more or less a survey app. It was designed to help enthusiasts make money from answering surveys. An enthusiast answering these surveys is tagged as an Influencer. This is explained by the fact that your answers to certain surveys will act as a review of certain products.

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Using Toluna, you are required to select a survey from any of the categories provided. After which you are to proceed to answer the survey questions. The whole process goes down in the Toluna app. Rewards are offered as vouchers, cool products, and cash incentives from the Toluna catalogue.

5. Buzz Break 

Mobile Apps To Make Money Online In Nigeria

The Buzz Break app allows enthusiasts to get entertained and earn at the same time. However, the fact that you may want to focus on earning, may make the entertainment segment less appealing.

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On the Buzz Break app platform, enthusiasts get rewarded for reading/watching videos, Daily app check-in (Login to the app on daily basis), inviting friends to join the platform. Please note that cashing earnings are done via PayPal or Gcash. You can download the Buzz Break app from Google PlayStore.

6. Swag Bucks 

Mobile Apps To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Still on the topic of best mobile apps to make money online in Nigeria. The Swag Buck apps is yet another highly recommended app, with features that can help you convert your spare time to making money with your smartphone.

With Swag Bucks, you can earn free gift cards and financial goodies, by taking surveys, shopping for your favorites, discovering new products, services, content, and lots more.

7. Instant Naira

Last but certainly not the least on our list, is the Instant Naira app. More like the aforementioned apps, the Instant Naira app, is equipped with features that allow individuals to make money from their smartphones.

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Making money from the app involves completing tasks that will be provided to you on the platform, after which you can then proceed to transfer your earnings to your bank account. Please note that Insta Naira users get paid every two weeks.

wrapping up

Now that you have served with a comprehensive list of 7 of the best mobile apps to make money online, you can proceed to utilize your spare time to make extra cash, which will in turn help settle bills and also reducing the strain on your primary salary.


    • Not all the apps listed in the article are on the Apple app store. However, from my research, the Swag bucks, Foap and Toluna app are available on the Apple app store.


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