5 Best Trusted Apps Platforms To Buy and Sell Bitcoin Securely in Nigeria

One of the plights with engaging in Bitcoin transactions is insecurity. There is always this tension that goes along buying and selling Bitcoin, as there are many scammers out there. As such, it is imperative that enthusiasts strive to make sure they patronize reputable and secure services. As such, we explore a comprehensive list of 5 of the best trusted apps to buy and sell bitcoin securely in Nigeria.

The outburst of cryptocurrency usage, particularly bitcoin in Nigeria, led to the need for secure platforms to trade and purchase bitcoins, platforms that stand out amidst the plethora of scams that have folded the system. While you are at it, you can also view 5 of the best platforms, apps to buy and sell Ethereum securely in Nigeria.

Many optimists have since flooded this bitcoin to naira or dollar exchange system, offering a platform for enthusiasts to safely perform exchanges that revolve around the cryptocurrency bitcoin.  If you desire safe bitcoin exchange, then you must, by all means, patronize any of the platforms outlined below:

1. Patricia

Best Trusted Apps To Buy and Sell Bitcoin Securely in Nigeria

Patricia comes in as one of the leading platforms in the bitcoin exchange in Nigeria, a fact that is backed by the awesome service they offer. Patricia offers a very efficient system of purchasing and selling bitcoin, which all happens within its intuitively designed app, that features a well-designed interface for seamless navigation.

With the Patricia app, you purchase as well as sell your bitcoin from the comfort of your smartphone, while the assurance that you will be dealing with a scam, as the transaction occurs directly with the Patricia team. Sell and get paid in no distant time.

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Built into the app is a wallet that lets you store your Bitcoin. Patricia also offers a debit card that lets you withdraw the cash equivalent of your bitcoin at ATMs. What’s more, Patricia also deals with a gift card exchange Meaning you can sell yours on the platform. There is also a provision that lets you convert excess airtime to cash.

The Patricia app is available for download from the Google Playstore as well as the Apple app store.

2. Luno

Apps to sell bitcoin in NigeriaLuno takes the lead when it comes to authenticity. It is one of the official bitcoin vendors listed on Bitcoin.org. The fact that it is recommended on the Bitcoin website tells a lot about authenticity. You basically have nothing to worry about.

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Luno app offers a platform best suiting for enthusiasts who desire a secured means for purchasing and exchanging bitcoin. This is backed by an easy to use interface, set to reduce any form of ambiguity that goes along with bitcoin exchange.

Aside from bitcoin, Luno also deals with a list of other cryptocurrencies. Currencies that include Litecoin, Etherum, and Xrp. The Luno app is available for download, from the Google Playstore, as well as the Apple app store.

3. BuyCoins

The BuyCoins app is another official bitcoin exchange platform featured on Bitcoin.org. Much like Luno, Buy coins offer a safe environment for Bitcoin enthusiasts to perform Bitcoin exchanges. It is one of the most secure platforms for crypto dealings.

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The operation of this app is pretty much straight forward It lets people buy and sell bitcoin from the comfort of their smartphone. It’s a one-stop hub for enthusiasts who are thrilled by the business wrapped around Bitcoin.

Aside from Bitcoin, the BuyCoin app also features facilities that cater to other cryptocurrencies like Etherum, USD Coin, Lite Coin. The Buy coins apps is available as an Android app on the Google Playstore and as an iOS app on the Apple app store.

4. Busha

Still on the topic of best-trusted apps platforms to buy and sell bitcoin securely in Nigeria. While am currently in doubt that you didn’t find a suiting platform from the already listed three, here is another secure app platform for Bitcoin exchange. The Busha app exhausts a lot of the features that make for a good bitcoin exchange app.

It offers a system that lets enthusiasts buy and sell and bitcoin with results in no distant time. It also lets enthusiasts store Bitcoin in a wallet operated within the app. To make the whole system more exciting, Busha doesn’t charge transfer fees. Transfers are free.

The Busha app also helps keep enthusiasts abreast of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency price changes. Speaking of other currencies, Busha also lets enthusiasts exchange Etherum. This app is available for download on both the Google Playstore and the Apple app store.

5. I Dey Pay

Apps to sell bitcoin in Nigeria

Last but certainly not least on this list of secure apps to buy and sell Bitcoin, is the I Dey pay app. The name tells it all. It brandishes its self as a sure paying app for enthusiasts interested in Bitcoin exchanges.

With this app, enthusiasts can safeguard their Naira from devaluation, by purchasing Bitcoin, Etherum, and lots more.  which have more chances to increase in value against the Naira.

The I Dey app has a secure wallet that allows enthusiasts to safely store your crypto, prevent the reach of pilferers. This is app is available for download from the Google Playstore.

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