Glo Berekete Migration Code and Benefits: Get 5GB of Data For Free

As a Nigerian who clearly understands pidgin English, hearing the slang “Berekete” brings to mind abundance and that’s exactly what the Glo Berekete tariff plan entails. This Glo tariff plan offers Glo subscribers bonuses in abundance. Here you will learn about the Glo Berekete migration code and benefits.

The Glo Berkete tariff plan takes the baton from the Glo Yakata tariff plan, to become the new default tariff plan Glo subscribers will be served when they purchase a new Glo SIM. Much like its predecessor, it packs in a mouth-watering bonus package that has the potentials of drawing the attention of many.

Glo Berekete

Aside from being available to new subscribers, this tariff plan is also available to old Glo subscribers. Both parties would be offered the mouth-watering 700% bonus hinged on the tariff plan. Before we dive into learning how to Migrate to Glo Berekete. Here is how it works alongside its benefits.

Benefits of The Glo Berekete Tariff Plan

  1. A welcome bonus of 600 Naira for all new customers upon successfully activating their lines and recharging their account with a minimum of 100 Naira
  2. 700% bonus on every recharge to call ALL NETWORKS and to browse the Internet
  3. Additional 150% data bonus on 1st recharge of the month (Up to 5GB FREE), every month for 4 months
  4. New customers also enjoy up to 100% bonus on every data plan they buy, every month for 4 months

Please note that the 600 Naira welcome bonus is a one-time benefit, that applies to your first airtime recharge after you activated your Sim-card. Subsequent recharges will not get the N600 bonus, but you will be entitled to a 700% bonus.

Other Noteworthy Points Explaining How The Glo Berekete Tariff Plan Works

  • The 700% bonus will be given on ALL recharge denominations from N100 to N5,000
  • Voice bonus can be used to call ALL networks
  • Both voice and data bonuses are valid for 7 days
  • All SMS will be charged from your main account at a standard SMS rate of 4 Naira
  • All International calls and SMS will be charged from your main account at the applicable rates per destination

Glo Berekete Call Rate

Please note that on Glo Berekete, calls made with the airtime from your main account balance will be charged at 36k/sec, while calls made with the voice bonuses will be charged at 77k/sec.

Glo Berekete Migration Code / How To Migrate

As mentioned earlier, The Glo Berekete is now the default tariff plan for all new Glo subscribers, however old / already existing Glo subscribers can migrate to the tariff plan using a special migration code.

To Migrate Glo Berekete simply Dial *230#

How To Check Berekete Bonus Balance

To Check the Glo Berekete Bonus balance, simply dial *230*1#

Below is a table showing how the Berekete Bonuses are served

Recharge Amount Main Account Total Bonus Value (700%) All-Net Voice Bonus  Value Data Bonus Value Data Bonus (MB) Special Data Bonus on 1st Recharge of The Month (MB)
N100 N100 N700 N400 N300 40mb 40mb
N200 N200 N1,400 N800 N600 80mb 200mb
N500 N500 N3,500 N2,000 N1,500 200mb 500mb
N1,000 N1,000 N7,000 N4,000 N3,000 400mb 1,000mb
N5,000 N5,000 N35,000 N20,000 N15,000 2,000mb 5,000mb

 How To Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from the Glo Berekete tariff plan, simply migrate to another Glo tariff plan. Glo Amebo is an example of other Glo tariff plans you can venture into.

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