Best PPSSPP Settings To Run Games Smoothly : Avoiding Lags

The PPSSPP emulator may have been built to making playing Playstation games on Android devices a breeze, however enthusiats will need to put in some work to make sure they enjoy the potentials of the Android emulator. This majorly entails in making the right setup. As such, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on the best PPSSPP to run games smoothly.

Setting your PPSSPP the right way, will to large extent reduce the lags that goes along with using PPSSPP emulator on mobile device that lack ample smartphone performance hardware.

Best PPSSPP Settings To Run Games Smoothly

This article will cover th best setup to use for graphics, audio, controls, tools and system. They will treated in under different headings.

Best Graphics Settings For PPSSPP

  • Change Back-end from OpenGL to Vulkan
  • Turn the frame skipping off
  • unselect the “Auto-Frameskip” and “Prevent FPS from skipping 60”
  • Set alternative speed to unlimited
  • Enter the graphics performance tab and set rendering resolution to 1x or 2x, depending on the one that run best on your device
  • enable Lazy texture caching, Hardware transform, Vertex Cache, Software skinning, Mipmapping.

Best Audio Settings

There isn’t really much to do as regards an audio problem in PPSSPP. Laggy and sounds with irregular frequencies, are basically caused by in-approrpiate rendering of audio.

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The best fix and sort of discouraging fix, is to disable the audio and play without sound. This will help you stay focused, without having to deal with the disturbing sound.

Best Tools Settings

  • Change CPU Core to Dynarec (JIT)

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To get to this setting, simply navigate through Tools > developer tools

Best System Settings for PPSSPP

  • Ensure fast memory is checked
  • Change timing methods to Fast
  • Make sure “Change Emulated PSP Clock” is left at Auto



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