DSTV Error Codes and How To Clear Them Easily

The need to be conversant with DSTV error codes, knowing what they mean and how to resolve them cannot be overemphasized. You certainly do not want to be thrown off balance while your favorite show is airing. It is, for this reason, we explore DSTV error codes and how to clear them easily.


Learning how to clear DSTV error codes means you don’t have to wait for a pay cable TV professional to help figure out and solve the problem. Having to depend on Cable TV professionals means you may have to forfeit to favorite shows, pending when the professional arrives. Without wasting more time, below is a list of DSTV error codes and how to clear them.

1. Error code E-16. This error usually occurs when your subscription expires. This error can be fixed easily by resubscribing, but if your subscription is active then all you have to do is reset your DStv. The following are the ways of resetting your DStv;

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  • Dailing *288#
  • Contacting their customer service via 012 422 2222
  • Visiting the DStv website.

2. Error code E-19. This error occurs when your decoder has been disconnected from your TV for a long time. To fix this error, make sure your decoder is on and connected to your TV, then dial, *120 *68584# Or you can simply call customer service via 012 422 2222.

3. Error code E-37. This error occurs when you select a channel that doesn’t exist or no longer exists on DStv. To fix this, simply dial the exact number of the channel you’d like to watch.

4. Error code E-42, E-43, E-44, E-45. This error occurs due to channel restrictions. These channels in which the errors appear have been placed under parental control. To remove this error code, simply input the parental control PIN.

5. Error code E-32. This error occurs when there is no signal on your TV. This can be caused by bad weather or improper installation of the satellite dish. To fix this error, you’d have to wait for the bad weather to go away and it should return to normal. If the error still continues then you’d need to check your dish to decoder connections, to do this contact your local DStv installer.

There you have it, a list of DStv error codes and how to clear them. If you have any questions or contributions drop a comment below.

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