How to Activate, Subscribe To Glo WTF Social Bundle Easily

Glo has been tag the grandmaster of data because of the larger affordable data bundles and gets data bonuses. The invention of the GLO WTF (Whatsapp Twitter and Facebook) plan, shows that Globalcom telecoms aren’t relenting. In order to get you started with these new plans, we explore a tutorial on how to activate GLO WTF social Bundle.

How to activate Glo WTF Social Bundle

WTF (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook) Social Bundle is a social media only data plan. This bundle allows you to enjoy the best of social media at a low cost. It works perfectly well with WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In this article, we’d take a look at how to activate the WTF Social Bundle.

WTF Social Bundles

As mentioned in one of the introductory paragraphs, the WTF Social Bundle was made for social media only. It allows all Glo customers to enjoy the best of social media at a very low cost. The data pricing is as follows;

Bundle Data Duration Price
Daily 100MB 24hrs N25
Weekly 200MB 7Days N50
Monthly 500Mb 30Days N100

How To Activate The WTF Social Bundle

To activate the WTF Social Bundle is just like activating any other Glo data bundle, it can be done simply by;

  1. Dialing *777#
  2. Select buy data.
  3. Select Social Bundle.
  4. Select the WTF Bundle.

There you have it, you have just learned how to activate Glo WTF social bundle Easily. If you have any questions or contributions drop a comment below.

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