How To Use The MTN Beep Service Easily

Not having enough airtime to place calls in times of need can be frustrating at times, but what’s more frustrating, is not being able to borrow airtime to make quick calls. It’s for this reason, MTN introduced the “Beep”. This article covers a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the MTN Beep service activation code easily.

how to use the MTN Beep service activation code

What is MTN Beep 

MTN Beep is basically a service that automatically sends the other party a missed call message when an MTN subscriber attempts to make calls with insufficient airtime.

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It works for all networks and not just MTN to MTN. Below is a rundown of the nitty-gritty of this MTN service.

Please note that the MTN Beep Service is available to all MTN subscribers who have registered their MTN Line. 

How To Use The MTN Beep Service

There isn’t really any special activation code or text required to trigger this service. All you have to do to use the MTN beep service is to call the other party. MTN will automatically send the recipient a missed call message when they discover you don’t have airtime.

Make sure you wait for the message that says “Your balance is too low for this call. Dial *904*airtime amount# to buy airtime directly from your bank. Thank you”, to complete before exiting the call, after which you will be sent a message saying “You have successfully dropped a flash call on 2348xxxxxxxxx at hh: mm”

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