GoTV Smallie Channel List and Price in Nigeria (Monthly / Annually)

The GoTV Smallie Package comes in as a successor to the GoTV Lite, which previously held the position of the cheapest GoTV Package / Banquet. In order to get you acquainted with this new package, I will walk you through the GoTV Smallie Channel List and price in Nigeria.

From my point of view, I feel it’s not really easy to provide a very low-budget Cable TV package, packed with exciting content. Trying your best not to exceed the budget’s worth can be really limiting.

GoTV Smallie Channel List and Price in Nigeria

The fact that an entry-level / cheap bouquet may not feature a ton of exciting channels puts a big question mark on the need to have such a bouquet.

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The channel list is quite limited and now you have to deal with a lot of missing highly entertaining channels, so what’s the point of subscribing to such a bouquet that won’t really bring satisfaction?

GoTV has taken things up a notch, by adding meaning to its entry-level bouquet package. This AMP in offerings brings about more channels and a higher price tag.

GoTV Smallie Package Price in Nigeria

The Price of the GoTV smallie package starts at 800 Naira per month, which amounts to 2,100 Naira quarterly and 6,200 Naira annually.

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The new price scheme shows that GoTV’s entry-level package is now double the price we had last year. It went from 400 Naira a month on the GoTV Lite package to 800 Naira a month on the smallie package.

GoTV Smallie Channel List

Please note that in lieu of the 25 channels offered with the GoTV Lite package, GoTV Smallie offers 36 Channels, which means a total of 11 channels were added to GoTV’s entry-level package. Below is a comprehensive list of the GoTV Smallie package.:

  • Emmanuel TV
  • Arewa 24
  • NTA News 24
  • TVC News
  • TVC Entertainment
  • Islam Channel
  • AIT
  • Liberty TV
  • WAP TV
  • ITV Benin
  • Al Jazeera
  • Trybe tv
  • OGTV
  • NTA Parliament
  • Faith
  • AFRO Music English
  • Wazobia FM
  • Silverbird
  • Channels
  • EBS TV
  • Wazobia TV
  • SuperSport Blitz
  • NTA International
  • Jim Jam
  • Naija FM
  • RSTV
  • BCOS
  • Dove TV
  • Lagos TV
  • NTA 2

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