How To Use WhatsApp, Telegram and Other Messengers on Chrome

Social Media platforms have over the years grown to become an integral part of our social and business lives. Today we have businesses and individuals that run accounts on different platforms, hence the need for an efficient way to easily manage them. This article covers a tutorial on how to use WhatsApp, telegram, and other messengers on chrome and other browsers.

On the topic of having an efficient way to manage social media accounts. You certainly do not want to keep going back and forth with different devices when working. If you are on your computer, you certainly one to be able to quickly switch tabs to check in on messages and other notifications.

How to use WhatsApp, Telegram and other messagers in Chrome

Thanks to innovations and thoughtful thinking, social media accounts / messengers can now be accessed on computers in different ways, one of which is via browsers like Chrome.

Accessing Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger on your computer Via Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other Browsers

The most common method to accessing social media accounts / messengers on your computer via desktop browsers like chrome alongside a host of other browsers is via their individual peculiar URL.

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To access WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and other social media messenger platforms on your desktop browser you can visit the web link associated with the social media messenger platform. Below are some of the links.

You could also go-ahead to use the Google search engine to ascertain the URL peculiar to the search engine you are trying to access.

Using Extensions on Desktop Browsers

Aside from accessing the websites of your chosen social media platforms, you can also make use of special plugins on desktop browsers like Chrome. A very good example of such plugins is the all-in-one messenger extension.

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Chrome users can get the All-in-one extension here while non-chrome users can simply search google for links to the extension suited for their browsers.

You Could Also Install Desktop Apps

Top social media messenger platforms also provide desktop apps you can install to use the platforms on your computer. You can search google to get the download links for your chosen platform.

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