10 Best Free Dating Apps / Sites For Nigerians To Find Love

Being able to find a partner for a relationship, sort of falls in the list of one of the things we underrate as humans. Most people find it difficult and as such, they seek different means that could perform as a panacea. This article treats one of those means, as we discuss the best free dating apps / sites for Nigerians to find love.

Due to high demand, there is a growing number of dating apps, we have got a plethora of provisions available on both the Google PlayStore and Apple App store today, to this end, finding the right ones may be very difficult.

This article removes the burden of having to look for the right ones, by streaming the list to 10 reliable options, dating sites, and mobile apps that could set on the part to find your long-awaited long partner.

However, please note that you are to exercise caution when dealing with people you find on the app, as there are many scammers crawling these platforms. You should exercise caution when exchanging your personal details. You are strongly advised not to involve yourself in any activity that involves cash.

Have read the above caution, let’s now jump into the list of recommendations…..

1. Naija Planet.com

Best Free Dating Apps / Sites For Nigerians To Find Love

Naija planet comes in as a reliable provision for Nigerians who do not mind searching for love in the digital space.

It is a free-to-use platform that lets singles meet partners online, which can further turn to offline dating, with all things being equal. Finding a suitable partner follows with chatting to get acquainted.

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At the time article was published, the Naija Planet dating platform was only available as a website. Maybe we would have it as a mobile app in the future, a rendition which I honestly prefer.

2. Tinder

Tinder comes in as one of the most established dating platforms, available to not just Nigerians, but basically everyone on earth. It is a platform that could appeal to enthusiasts seeking love beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Firstly, Tinder offers the basics you will be needing from a dating app or site, but where Tinder shines, is its large pool of users. Tinder currently holds a record of more than 30 billion matches, this shows you their level of efficiency.

Tinder is available as an app, and also on the web. However, you should note that it isn’t totally free, as it has both free and paid plans.

3. Badoo

Best Free Dating Apps / Sites For Nigerians To Find Love

Badoo happens to be another top player in the digital dating industry. It is one of those apps offering services in many countries.

Enter the Baddo app, and you are offered a plethora of features that would help you find a partner for a love relationship. There is the people nearby feature, video chatting, verified profiles, and lots more.

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Please note the Badoo also isn’t totally free, features like the 3X popularity boost and the ‘move to the top’ which allows more people to find you, will require premium payments. What’s more, Badoo is available as an app and also available as a website.

4. eHarmony

Still, on the topic of the best free dating apps / sites for Nigerians to find love, eHarmony is yet another highly recommended platform you should check out if you fancy digital dating with the potentials of having a serious relationship.

The main aim of apps like eHarmony, is to have enthusiasts express themselves, with little or no restrictions. You are to allow the other party to know you are, without holding anything back, this will make the harmony feel natural upon the first meet. It’s all powered by the built-in messaging feature.

5. Nigeriandating.com

Nigeriandating.com can be described as an online platform for singles to meet with the purpose of entering a sustainable relationship. It all begins with you registering and inputting the right particulars, which is followed by finding a match to begin the process of knowing each other.

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Having a match could be based on many factors you dictate. The endpoint is for you to find someone you can easily open up to, someone that makes you feel at peace.

6. Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating launches in Europe after 9-month+ delay over privacy concerns | TechCrunch

One of the most popular social media Platforms also happens to have a dating platform annex where people can find love.

The mode of operating of the Facebook dating platform, involves you find people based on a filter that touches your location, number of children, age, distance, and more. It’s all about finding someone that would make dating and falling in love easily.

You can access Facebook dating via this link

7. Zoosk

The Zooks may not be Nigerian specific, however, it is a highly recommended platform, of which Nigerians can participate. Your potentially suitable partner is few taps away with the Zoosks app.

With or 40 million users, Zoosk is offering enthusiasts a plethora of people to try having a relationship, so you won’t feel crammed. One of my favorite provisions in the app is Safe dating, which helps reduces scams on the platform.

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Zooks isn’t totally free, as it has a premium option. However, enthusiasts have a wide range of features to use under the free tier.

8. Doo Doo

Doo Doo is another dating platform that offers all its features for free, in pursuit of helping you find the love you have greatly craved. Much like Zoosk, it isn’t country-specific, but it’s also a platform Nigerians can use to find love.

Doo Doo is center on helping you find people nearby that could help you build a relationship, without having to bother about long distance. Which may be a constraint.

9. Hookups

Still haven’t found a dating app / site you love? Then Hookup may just be the provision you have been searching for, as it packs in the essentials you would need to find love online.

As its name clearly dictates, the Hookup is designed to hook you up for a relationship. People who are shy to talk to folks on the ground can first get acquainted with the platform before moving ahead for relationships.

10. Hitme 

Best Free Dating Apps / Sites For Nigerians To Find Love

Last but certainly not the least on our list,s the Hitme app, which is yet another dating app Nigerians can employ to find love.

The Hitme platform is a community for singles to find love. It helps singles find love with people in the same region, making reach seamless. If you are a Nigerian who has had a couple of failures with find love, then you should consider the Hitme app, as it would help in matching you people that could suit your personality.

wrapping up

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 10 of the best free dating apps / sites for Nigerians to find love.

Please remember that in recent times, dating apps have become a hub for scammers, so you should care about conversations that involve money. It’s a dating app and not a business app or a charity organization.

With that been said, I wish you Goodluck in finding that long-coveted relationship. 😉😉


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