7 Ways To Recharge Your MTN Line Without Using Commercial Banks

A discord between MTN and the established commercial banks in Nigeria has left MTN subscribers in Nigeria incapacitated, being unable to buy airtime from their bank account. Well, there is no need to be super worried as there are more than 8 ways to recharge your MTN line without using commercial banks.

Being able to purchase airtime from your bank account as an MTN subscriber has over the years being one of the main facilitators of the cashless system in Nigeria. The breakage in this link has forced many to seek other means to continue the cashless system of purchasing airtime.

Ways To Recharge Your MTN Line Without Using Commercial Banks

Innovations that have sprung up over the years have de-monopolized the cashless system of purchase airtime. Today we have a turn of service providers that lets us purchase airtime without having to visit a physical vendor.

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There are a ton of platforms offering this online airtime purchase, however, this article streamlines them to 8. Making it easier for you to decide. They are outlined as follow:

Other Ways / Platforms To Recharge Your MTN Line Without Comercial Banks

  1. Via MTN on Demand: To use this service, you can dial *904# or visit https://mtnondemand.flutterwave.com
  2. Bater By Fullterwave (app)
  3. Jumia Pay (App)
  4. OPay (App)
  5. Via MTN Xtratime airtime loans (*606#)
  6. Carbon (app)
  7. Billsnpay (Available as an app and also as a website)

Scanning through the list of available platforms for MTN airtime recharge, sought of sprung up the question on “how will I purchase airtime without an internet bundle?”. Well thanks to thoughtful thinking, you can borrow airtime which you can use to subscriber meager internet bundles that will allow you to surf the internet or you can use the first option which is the MTN on demand that can be accessed via USSD or via the web.

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