5 Best Apps / Websites To Order Food in Nigeria Easily

5 Best Apps / websites to order food in Nigeria easily. In recent times, online food delivery services have become prevalent, which is all thanks to the comfort attached. With these services in places, you can have their best dishes delivered without breaking a sweat.

Dropping the obligation of having to prepare your dishes all the time, goes from being a luxury to a necessity, in times where it makes no sense to show mastery of recipes.

You have a ton of work to do or you just can’t handle the stress that goes along with having to cook the food for an occasion. This is where the invention of food logistics comes into play.

Today we have a ton of platforms offering food delivery services in Nigeria may, which equally means you may have a tough time selecting efficient ones. It is, for this reason, this article was created, here I will streamline the list of available platforms to a list of five, which will help reduce your search.

Here are Top 5 picks of Apps/Websites to order food (Food delivery services) in Nigeria.

1. Bolt Foods

Best Apps / Websites To Order Food in Nigeria

Having one of the foremost logistics companies on this list shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Moving food falls in the logistics category. Their ability to move people from point A to point B shows there is little to nothing stopping them from stepping into this venture.

I like Bolt Foods’ system because they aren’t tied to any restaurant. You can get your food delivered from different restaurants. How the app works are that you:

  1.  Set your delivery address
  2. Pick a restaurant and choose your meal
  3. Tap to order and pay
  4. Track your order and watch the courier arrive

What’s more, the creators of bolt have made it possible for enthusiasts to make money from the Bolt Food platform.

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The note on the app description page says, they will you make money with your car, bike or motorbike, when you decide to work as a food courier or bolt foods service. You can register via https://food.bolt.eu

Download Bolt Food App Android | IOS

2. Dominos Pizza Nigeria

Dominos the Pizza giant in Nigeria has a system that brings Pizza to its customers. This means you basically do not have to leave your comfort to get a taste of their tasty pizza. All you need to do is download the Dominos app or visit www.dominospizza.ng

While in the app, you will be offered a very substantial list of pizza options which is basically the same as what you will get in the restaurant itself.

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The order basically requires you to build your pizza with the constituents you desire, after which you can proceed to add to the cart and order out later.

Enthusiasts necessarily do not have to build their favorite pizza from scratch as there is a profile setting that lets you save their favorite pizza build.

Much like any logistics platform should offer, the Dominos pizza app has a system that lets you monitor the movement of your pizza from order the delivery.

Download Dominos Pizza Nigeria App Android | IOS

3. Jumia Foods

Jumia Foods is a platform designed by the pioneers of one of the biggest online retail stores in Nigeria.

The efficacy to bring food as well other consumables to the comfort of your home is the major driving motive of the Jumia Foods app.

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Having installed the app, all you do is enter your location, and you will be served with a list of restaurants, supermarkets, and pharmacies close to you. All you need is to choose one of them, and then proceed to make another and have the Jumia food service delivery to your convenience.

The Jumia Foods operational system shows enthusiasts aren’t tied to one vendor, which is a plus in my opinion.

Download Jumia Foods App Android | IOS

4. Chicken Republic (App / Website)

Much like Dominos, Chicken Republic is yet another restaurant that has managed to sets its food delivery system in motion.

It partners with Jumia Foods in taking and delivering orders to its customers. Chicken republic is highly sought for due to its amazing meals and chicken recipes. To place an order for a meal, you can use the Jumia Foods app or go to their website  www.chicken-republic.com which also redirects you to Jumia foods.

The Chicken Republic food delivery service is available as both an app and a website, however, at the time this article was written, we advise you stick to the website.

Download Jumia Foods App Android

5. EasyChop.ng (Website)

Getting food to eat shouldn’t be difficult. This is sort of the motive behind the Easy Chop food delivery service, as it aims at bringing your favorite dishes to your door step, with just a few taps from your internet connected devices.

Easy Chop isn’t a tied to any restaurant, however, they offer a substantial list of restaurants you can order food from. Some of the affiliated restaurants listed on easychop.ng as at the this article was written, includes Kaydees Plaza, Mat-ice, Chicken republic and more.

Further more, easy chop was only available as a website (Easychop.ng) and with services only available in Benin. However, being an astute newbie in the business, there is potential prospects of expanding to more states in Nigera.

wrapping up

I guess you are very eager to have your favorite dish delivered to you at this point, well you have the power now, all you need do select any of the platforms on the list of 5 apps / websites to order food in Nigeria.

What’s more, if you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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