How To Find Someone On Tinder, With or Without Registering an Account

Viewing the profile of other people on Tinder is legit one of the near-impossible things. however, people have sort of found ways to go around this tough block, some of these methods will be discussed in this article on how to find someone on Tinder with or without registering an account.

As at the time this article was written, there wasn’t an official method to search for people on Tinder. This is actually a deliberate act, to help keep the privacy of people, ideally, no one will be able to tell if you have the intentions of finding love in a virtual space like Tinder.


Having a search function in a place like the ones are seen on some other dating platforms like Baddoo would necessarily mean you could someone spot their accounts on dating platforms when you search their names on search engines like Google, which isn’t really cool as far as privacy is concerned.

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Well not having an official method for the system doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a way to go around the system.

Some astute thinkers have actually devised some methods that can be applied. They aren’t really %100 efficient, but there are chances you could find someone on Tinder using the methods.

Finding Someone On Tinder If You Are Registered As A User

Having your Tinder account in place will allow you to tweak certain parameters, that may reveal the account of the person.

It’s more of setting yourself in the right spot for getting the person featured in the list of people in the category will be referred, due to the fact that Tinder works with certain parameters that include location, age, and more.

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Below are the steps you should follow to find someone on Tinder if you have an account with them. Please note that you can create an account now before trying out the steps:

  1. Move towards the person: One of the systems Tinder uses in sorting, is location, they send recommendations of people close to you. i.e the recommendations will mostly be from people in the same area. To this end, you should move towards this person, probably move to the same neighborhood to increase your chances of finding them on Tinder.
  2. Setting Distance Range: Still on proximity, setting your maximum and minimum distance gauge will also help you get close to getting the person in the category of recommendations, fed to you. However, you need to make sure you get the distance right, or else you could lose the tracking.
  3. Utilizing Age Parameter: In the event that you know the person’s age, you can proceed to set the age for the persons you want in your recommendations. You could set the age to be 26 if you are sure the person is of that age. This will increase your chances of finding that person.
  4. The final step: Having made all the tweaks discussed above, the next step will be for you to view the recommendations. To do this, kindly navigate to the main screen of Tinder, swipe left and right to look through recommended profiles, till you find the person you intend to see.

Didn’t Find The Person?

If you somehow followed the steps outlined above and still didn’t find the person, then there are a couple of things that you should take note of, these things are outlined below:

  • The parameters may have been set wrongly: The method above actually centered on tweaking parameters to meet the description of the person being searched. So you basically shouldn’t expect to see the person in your recommendations, if the parameters don’t match.
  • Tinder Account May Have Been Disabled: In the event that the person has disabled or hidden their profile, finding them will be impossible.
  • Tinder Gold: Aside from purposely disabling their profile, Tinder users can also subscribe to the Gold plan, which pretty much takes their privacy up a notch. The person profile will only be visible to the people they like. Furthermore, enthusiasts on this Gold plan can also use a different location, which also makes it difficult to find them.
  • They simply do not have a Tinder account

Subscribe To The Tinder Gold Plan (Yet Another Method for Enthusiasts with A Tinder Account)

Tinder Gold is simply a plan for Tinder enthusiasts that wants more than the ordinary. Enthusiasts who want to expand their search can employ this plan.

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Having this plan in place will help you find users in other cities as you will be able to assign the position you desire. This is probably the way to go if you really want to get their account, in the event that they are outside your city.

Cheaterbuster: A Premium Package To Find Tinder Users Without Being Registered on The Platform

The CheaterBuster package, happens to be one of the most efficient for the quest, especially when you do not intend on creating a Tinder account. However, we should also note once more that it isn’t a super sure system. You shouldn’t put all your trust here.

Before you get started, please note that cheaterbuster will cost you $7.49 for three searches and you will required to input the personas name, age, gender and the approximate location of the person.

For all that it’s worth, below are the steps to take in use the Cheaterbuster platform to find someone on Tinder without registering a Tinder account.

  1. On your web browser, Navigate to via the URL box
  2. Input the person’s name in the space provided.
  3. Enter Enter age in the age box.
  4. Select Gender
  5. Mark the closest location of the user on the map provided
  6. Enter your particulars to get registered on the platform
  7. Press the View search results button and proceed to pay for the service.
  8. Finally, Wait an results mail to be sent to your mail box

Wrapping up

There you have it – You have just being brushed through a comprehensive tutorial on how to find someone or Tinder with or without registering an account.

For more emphasis, these methods aren’t hundred percent efficient, however there are chances that they may do the job.

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