How To Subscribe GoTV Online Via an Internet Connected Device

There are basically different methods to subscribe to your choice GoTV package, you go to a GoTV customer care center, call a rep. However, one of the methods that has sort of appeared to be the most seamless, is the online method. Here we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to subscribe GoTV online via an Internet-connected Device.

The system of paying / subscribing to your GoTV package online is sort of similar to subscribing using your mobile phone. The system is remote. The constraint that goes with having to visit physical stores or having to call customer care is extinguished. All you need is an internet connection on your chosen device.

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There are actually different platforms/methods to pay/subscribe to GoTV online. Some of these methods will be discussed in this article, in order to give you an insight into this online system.

Before you proceed to use this online method, please note that you are required to keep your decoder powered on when paying for the subscription.

How To Pay For GoTV Subscription Online Via Quick Teller

One of the popular methods/platforms to employ for this venture, is QuickTeller, a popular payment system that is famous in the banking system. Follow the steps outlined below to subscribe to your GoTV online using Quick Teller:

  1. Navigate to via a browser on your device.
  2. Fill in your particulars in the space provided (You are expected to enter your email or phone number, your IUC number, and Package option)
  3. Now click continue to proceed with the transaction
  4. Proceed to enter your ATM card details
  5. Finalize the payment

Subscribing GoTV Online Using Paga Online

  1. Navigate to via a browser on your device.
  2. Enter your particulars
  3. Press continue to proceed to payments

 Using Jumia Pay Online

The not-so-popular Jumia Pay platform also falls in place as one of the platforms you can use to subscribe to your GoTV package remotely. Much like the already listed platforms, Jumia is bent on offering enthusiasts a smooth system. Below are the steps to use Jumia Pay:

  1. Navigate to via a browser on your device.
  2. Enter your particulars
  3. Click next and continue with the requirements

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