How To Use GLO Beep Service Without Airtime Easily

Glo Beep is basically a provision from Glo to help Glo Subscribers contact people without airtime in their balance, which is similar to what is offered on the MTN Beep service. This article teaches you how this service works, as we explore a tutorial on how to use Glo Beep easily.

What is GLO Beep 

Glo Beep is a service that allows enthusiasts to send notifications to their family and friends, letting them know they intend to call, in times when they do not have airtime in their account to call.

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Please note that this service is available to all GLO subscribers who have registered their GLO Line. 

How To Use The GLO Beep Service / How It Works

This service is legit one of the easiest to use amongst Glo offerings. All you need do to use the Glo Beep service is call your family or friend with zero balance and they will receive a missed call (Flash) notification, which may prompt them to call you back.

Please note that this service won’t work if you have airtime in your account. It only works on empty balance.

Also, note that it doesn’t only work for Glo to Glo calls, it also works on calls from Glo to other telecom networks, which makes the service very intuitive. 

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the beep service without airtime easily. If you have any questions or contributions, feel to drop them in the comment section below.

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