10 Best Investment Apps / Platforms Available in Nigeria

10 Best Investment apps / platforms Available in Nigeria: The advent of investment apps has made it possible to make investments from the comfort of our smartphones and other internet-connected devices using relatively easy steps.

Having investment apps at your fingertips means you will be able to monitor your cash growth in real-time, without necessarily having to wait for report letters from the company. It’s more of a matter of looking at the charts.

Much like any other top-grossing category, we have a ton of provisions here, which means searching for top-notch investment apps may be likened to a herculean task. It is for this reason, I have streamlined your search to a list of the 10 best investment apps available in Nigeria. The apps are outlined below:

1. Bamboo

Babmboo Invest Platform

Bamboo is an investment platform designed to meet the needs of Nigerians who have decided to base their investment portfolio on stocks that are traded in the united states.

In view of making investments a breeze, Bamboo is offering enthusiasts seamless registration, secure and instant trading, fractional investments, and more.

Registering on the Bamboo platform is as easy as providing your NIN and contact details. Bamboo is secured by  SIPC and FINRA with insurance valued up to $500,000.

When you finally decide to invest, Bamboo as at the time this article was written, allowed investments as low as 15,000 Naira. You get access to a ton of companies that include Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and lots more.


  • More than 3000 stocks Available
  • Allows investments as low as 15,000 Naira
  • Supports funding from all currencies
  • Provides 1.45% annual interest on uninvested cash
  • Top-notch security with 2-factor authentication and data encryption
  • Available on Android and iOS Platforms


2. Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric Investment platform

Turns out you necessarily do not have to get your hands dirty to enjoy the financial proceeds from farm produce. This basically the motive behind the Thrive Agric investment platform.

The Thrive Agric provides a platform for farms and investors to be in a win-win situation. Farmers get capital to set up farms, while investors sit back and receive percentage returns from the capital invested.

Much like any investment platform should offer, Thrive agric provides you with a system that allows you to monitor investments. The investment funding platform is PCI-DSS Compliant, which shows there is provision for security.


  • PCI-DSS Compliant gateways
  • Monthly updates on farm produce
  • Investors are allowed to visit the farm only after giving a week’s notice of their coming
  • Insured by lead way insurance company.


3. I-invest 

I invest

I-Invest is mobile allows aspiring and pro investors to buy treasury-related securities and devices without the help of dealers. It allows enthusiasts to buy and sell Treasury bills in a seamless manner.

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Enthusiats can make investments as low as N100,000. Retiring on the platform is very clean. Withdrawals are also seamless as funds can be transferred to your chosen financial institution.


  • Provides access to an array of Treasury bills and Eurobonds investments
  • No additional fees
  • 2-factor authentication, end-end encryption
  • Allows using a Nigerian bank or Debit card
  • The minimum cash investment is N100,000 naira
  • The minimum holding period is 30 days (minimum Investment duration)


4. Risevest

Risevest falls in place as one of the platforms that aim to virtually manage your funds in different dimensions. It goes beyond investing in stocks. It seeks to help you make the best financial decisions.

On Risevest, you can invest in stocks, real-estate fixed income, and lots more. There is a provision for enthusiasts to save their money in dollars, which will help Nigerians protect their funds against the evaluation that goes with  Naira.

On the part of reaching your financial goals, Risevest offers guidance that helps you reach your goals with the available resources, with the help of expert human advice.

  • It allows enthusiasts to invest in US stocks as well as Euro bands.
  • Base investments as low as 3000 Naira ($10)
  • Allows investment to be made in dollars to facilitate high valued returns
  • Serves users with suggestions of areas to make investments
  • Top shelf encryption (Same level with type banks utilize).


5. FBN Edge

FBN Edge

The FBN-Edge application was designed through FBNQuest Asset to manage (an organization of FBN Holdings). Its an annexed service from the First Bank of Nigeria.

As the name suggests, the regional FBN app offers sponsors investment advantages and helps them achieve their financial goals.

Inside the platform, you can: Open a mutual fund account as a contemporary sponsor No problem as a signal to existing customers Pinnacle Modern mutual fund payment Buy a new common budget Most Advanced Mutual Fund Debt Redemption Price Range Check your balance in real-time View your transaction history FBN Products During this time, the app will give you access to some of First Bank’s mutual fund products: I.

FBN Cash Market Fund This is the right option for everyday savers who have medium-term financial dreams.

The FBN Coin Market Fund invests funds in short-term investment portfolios and uncontrolled first-class cash market securities, such as treasury payments, commercial company bills, bank acceptance letters, and certificates of deposit issued by rated banks in Nigeria.

The initial investment of this plan is N5,000. ii. FBN stable income fund If you have medium and long-term financing goals, this plan is for you. The FBN Constant Income Fund enables the promotion of a classified portfolio of long-term debt security.

  • Mutual Funds Based
  • Real-time balance
  • Available on Android and iOS.


6. Trove

Best Investment Apps / Platforms Available in Nigeria

Still, on the topic of 10  best investment apps / platforms in Nigeria, Trove is yet another highly recommended platform you should totally check out.

Trove provides you access to stocks from different countries. On the platform, you can have access to stocks from china, Nigeria, and the US.

On the platform, you will find breaking news, updates, and analysis on Globa; financial markets, which is geared towards helping you decide on which stock to venture into and when to enter the market.

What’s more Trove lets you build a personalized portfolio list, by adding stock quotes, commodities, ETFs, and bonds that you are most interested in, this allows you to get information regarding them in real-time.


  • Live quotes and charts for 4000+ financial instruments
  • Technical Summary, Market Quotes, advanced charts, and more.
  • Personalized Portfolio
  • A one-time fee of $5 is required to open a US brokerage account.
  • 256-bit encryption system


7. CrowdyVest

CrowdyVest is another agric-focused investment just like the Thrive agric platform which was discussed earlier. It was built with the aim promote agriculture in Nigeria. Offering a safe haven for farmers and investors to earn.

Investors will accumulate a certain percentage of the proceeds after the product has been harvested and monetized.

Thanks to the intuitive design app, enthusiasts can investors can monitor their investments seamlessly. Giving them insights into how they are doing.


  • The investment duration ( farm cycle) runs from 5 months to 12 months)
  • Offers flexible payment options for investors
  • Offers insurance cover on your initial capital
  • Payment processor is PCIDSS compliant


8. Afrinvestor

The Afrinvestor platform provides a simple way to invest and accumulate financial freedom.  On Afrinvest, you can buy and sell stocks

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On Afrinvest, you can invest in stocks and Treasury Bills, Bonds. It is one of the investment platforms that gives you access to the Nigerian stock exchange.

To make things simpler for you, the Afrinvestor platform provides you with an investor guide, which will help you get settled quickly.

  • Investors Guide
  • Fixed Income Mandates
  • Live equities trading that allows you to see live prices of stocks and also bid for offers.
  • Intuitive dashboard to track your investment
  • Support for all countries.


9. PiggyVest

PiggyVest which happens to be one of the foremost saving apps in Nigeria, also happens to be another top-notch platform for making investments especially Nigerian-related ones. The fact that it holds savings and investment, shows that it’s a very capable platform for money management.

On Piggyvest, you can invest in crop farming, livestock, transportation, fixed income, this goes to say that money saved on PiggyVest can further be more utilized in its investment section with your action.


  • Allow investments as low as ₦5,000 (as at the time this article was published)
  • Fixed income earnings
  • Autosave feature: Piggyvest automatically deducts monthly or weekly savings money from your account.
  • Confirmed referrals attract ₦1,000


10. Payday Investor

One of the key things about the Payday investor, is that it helps you manage your funds in the entire, as it isn’t just an investment app. It is more of a savings and investment platform. It offers Goal based investment, single investment.

Below are three highlighted Payday features:

-Goal-based Investment; With this program, you can automatically invest according to your currency goals. You can call the purpose as you like, then set your investment goals, start investing at the same time, and how often you want to debit.

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– Single investment Basically, you can invest a fixed amount of money in this plan and see how it increases. Install the amount you are willing to invest, choose your investment options, and start investing.

-Organizational Purpose This plan allows you to invest with a fixed number of friends.


  • Intuitive dashboard for monitor assets
  • Dividends are not taxed
  • Automated savings
  • Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours



Now that you have gone through this list of 10 best investment apps / platforms available in Nigeria, please be aware that your earnings are guaranteed. Investment goes with great risk, as you can lose your money and also make a ton of cash. However, you are advised to study, make a lot of research before placing your money on any stock.

Feel free to drop your personal favorites and recommendations, in the comment section below.

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