10 Best Websites To Find / Get Jobs In Nigeria

“He who must eat must work”. This is basically the cause and effect principle that goes along with surviving on earth and if you are in Nigeria seeking to get a job, here is a comprehensive list of 10 best websites to find / get jobs in Nigeria.

Technology has brought about diversity in job searching. You could manually walk from one establishment to another or search remotely using websites and other technology platforms that provide insights on the job requirements. The latter has in recent times fall in place as a more preferable option due to the ease it brings.

Aside from helping you find jobs with the skill requirements attached. Jobseeker websites also help you hook your resume on a profile page that can be accessed by employers. In summary, these websites can be described as a platform that connects job seekers with companies seeking employees.

Without further Adu, here are my 10 best picks for websites to find / get jobs in Nigeria:


Jobber Man has over the years become a household name in the job searching industry. This is hinged on its efficient service rendered and also on the time it has spent in existence.

Enter into the Jobberman.com platform and you are immediately greeted by a very intuitive interface, with categories neatly arranged.

On the landing page, you can easily select the job category, the position, alongside the locations you will find these job openings.

What can of jobs can you find on this platform? Well, the answer is a plethora. Engineering jobs, teaching, accountant e.t.c.

What’s more, Jobberman also lets you create a profile that allows companies to easily spot you for contracts and employment.

The Jobberman platform can also be accessed as a mobile app.

2. Linkedln.COM

LinkedIn may not be a Nigerian exclusive job finder website, but it does serve a plethora of countries including Nigeria. It is a meeting point for professionals and employees. Need a job? Log on to Linkeddln.com and get started.

There are three hot channels you will find on the platform includes “Search for a Job“, “Find a person you know” and “learn a new skill“. Beneath you will also find the post job tab which is another key channel.

Aside from being accessed as a website, Linkedln also has a mobile app.


Having a very easy-to-navigate interface has to be one of the qualities of a good website to search for jobs. It’s a database of jobs and employees, so navigating the directory should be easy.

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Ng.Indeed.com is legit one of the best as far as navigation goes. Its landing interface has a setup that makes searching for jobs a  breeze in my opinion. It’s more of like “straight to business”.

launch the website and you immediately find two fields that could land you your specific job. This website also allows you to create a CV that would be view by employers, allowing them to know your capabilities.


Enter a job seeker website that is based in Africa. As at the time this article was written, the myjobs.com platform had in post four African countries that include Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa.

The landing page on this website may not be minimalist like the already listed ones, however, finding the direct portal to search for jobs isn’t hard to get. It basically listed on the top of the second div.

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All you need do is enter a company name / job title and also your desired location and then proceed to hit the search job button to start looking for jobs.

Aside from the already discussed portal to search for jobs, there are jobs by listing on the sidebar that lets you search for jobs by state, jobs by education, Job by industry, and lots more.


The Hotnigerian.com platform is another top-notch hub to find a job in the midst of the “There is no job anywhere” talk. The platform lists jobs in categories that include location, qualification, and skill.

Aside from searching for jobs using categories, the HotNigerianjobs.com platform also posts the latest job openings on its landing page, in a manner that can be likened to a blog post, if you are lucky, you could immediately grasp a job that suits you, without having to utilize the job search tool.

Simplicity isn’t really a thing on the website landing page, as it’s sort of choked, with elements that even include ads, which isn’t really a bad thing, owing to the fact that they need to raise funds.


Jobgurus.com.ng is yet another highly recommended website to find / get jobs in Nigeria. Thanks to its well sort directory of jobs, enthusiasts can easily find jobs, by making a few entries.

The foremost entries on Job gurus, are the “job keyword”, “Your Specialization” and “work Level”.

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In addition, this platform offers aptitude test practice. It also has provisions for employers to post jobs with the requirements they want.

There are also blog posts that offer enthusiasts updates on the latest job openings, for easy and quick acquisition.


Jobzilla is a clear-cut website for find jobs in Nigeria. It is one of the most established platforms in this industry, as it offers job listing in the full 36 states (at the time this article was written).

Just like the already listed platforms, Jobzilla works in two ways. You can either post a job as an employer or search for jobs as an employee.

Hit the find jobs and you will be landed on a page with fields where you are required to enter


Job center Nigeria dot com takes the blog approach in listing job opportunities, the job search easily really as direct as the already listed platforms. However, this doesn’t really mean you won’t find jobs on this platform.

There is an email subscription option that sends openings directly to your inbox, what’s more, there is also a search box in which you can directly input the type of job you desire.


Glassdoor.com is more of an American job seeker platform, however, there is a work for home provision here which sort of creates an opportunity for Nigerians.

My initial impression of the website is that it’s overwhelming, there are a lot of actions to take, but carefully studying the options can demystify the whole provisions.


Finally, we have the Joblistnigeria.com website. It isn’t more of a veteran than some of the already listed platforms. However, it does offer a very intuitive interface where job seekers can thrive happily.

The landing page comprises an easy search portal and also blog posts offering the awareness of new jobs.

Job list Nigerian also goes far to post internship openings, which would come in handy for folks in search of a place to learn more about their university discipline in practical terms.

Wrapping up:

Now that you have gone through this article on 10 best websites to find / get jobs in Nigeria, I can boldly say you have to take a very vital step towards earning a living. But…

You must note that well-skilled individuals are the most requested in a non-biased scenario. It is imperative for you to be good at what you do, be a problem solver, be resourceful. IT folks can go on to build personal projects that will make their CV/Portfolio richer.

What’s more, your first job doesn’t really have to come with mouth-watering pay. You could see it as an opportunity to get your hands wet, put your skills to the test, make mistakes, gain experiences that make your future pay higher.

You could even forge ahead to having your establishment that will capitalize on the shortcomings of your current employer.


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