How To Invest In US (American) Stocks From Nigeria

How to invest in US (American) stocks from Nigeria: Basically, we have different stock markets peculiar to different countries. In Nigeria, we have the NGX, which is the ticker for the Nigerian stock market, while in the US (America), we have stock exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE, and more.

It so turns out that the fact that we have stock markets that are peculiar to different countries, doesn’t mean you are prevented from having access to stocks not listed in your country’s stock exchange.

This basically means Nigerians can have access to foreign stocks like the ones listed in the American exchange. The fun part about this is that the process is seamless, which is all thanks to thoughtful innovation.

You desire a Telsa stock or just got served with the info that Amazon has some good prospects and you have now decided to pull the trigger. Well, no need to worry at all. You are covered as there is a legit way out.

Platforms That Allow Nigerians Invest in US (American) Stocks From Nigeria

1. Bamboo: 

Similar to what was discussed earlier, Bamboo makes a bridge that connects Nigerian investors to American stocks. It provides a plethora of American stocks, with the data reading over 3000. Including the popular ones like Google, Tesla, Apple, and lots more.

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Bamboo allows investments as low as 15,000 naira, which is all thanks to its fractional investing system.

The Bamboo investment platform is available as an App on the Apple App store and the Google Playstore.


2. Trove

Trove falls in the market as a tool created for Nigerians to have investments in the United states. It goes beyond stocks, as it includes bonds. Its a provision you should keep abreast if you are a financial enthusiast leaving in Nigeria.

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On-board this platform are some tools designed to help you in your journey to becoming an investor. You will be provided with real-time data, news & analysis, market quotes and more.

Trove is available as an App on the iOS and Android.


3. Rivest

How To Invest In US (American) Stocks From Nigeria

Last but certainly not the list of this short list of recommeded platforms to invest in US stocks from Nigeria, is Risevest. It is another highly trusted platform that allows you invest in US stocks in a seamlessly.

Risevest  is available as an app for Google Playstore and the Apple app store.


Investing / Purchasing US (American) Stocks From Nigeria

There are actually different platforms that allow Nigerians to gain access to American stocks. They basically act like a bridge linking Nigerian investors to American stocks.

So basically, the steps needed to invest in US stocks from Nigeria are:

  1. Get registered on a trusted platform
  2. Fund the platform
  3. Invest in stocks

Wrapping up

Having foreign investments is undoubtedly one of the keys was to stay financially safe, especially when you are in a country with an unstable economy. Now that you have learned how to invest in US stocks from Nigeria, you can go ahead to making that decision.

What’s more, please note that it is highly required of you to make valid research before jumping to invest in any stock. Also, invest yourself.

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