How To Add / Watch Netflix on DSTV Using Three Simple Steps

Having DSTV and Netflix combined in the same space has to be one of the top ways to unlock humongous entertainment, as it means you won’t be sacrificing one for the other. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add / watch Netflix on DSTV using three simple steps.

This combination became a reality all thanks to the partnership agreement reached between both parties. This agreement allows DSTV users to side-load their Netflix account on DSTV, which will allow them access content from both parties in the same space.

How To Add / Watch Netflix on DSTV

However, there are some requirements you must meet before you can proceed to use this combined service. The requirements are outlined below:


  1. An active DSTV subscription
  2. An active Netflix subscription
  3. DSTV Explora Ultra (As at the this article was written, the system was only supported on the DSTV Explore ultra)

Steps To Add Netflix to DSTV

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph steps aren’t ambiguous and it can be carried out in three steps. Follow the steps outlined below to add your Netflix account to your DSTV.

  1. Select Apps using the DSTV remote
  2. Now select Netflix
  3. Sign up/Sign in your Netflix

The fact that there is are sign-in and a Sign-up button shows that there is provision for enthusiasts who don’t have a Netflix account prior to this time, to create a Netflix account on the DSTV platform.

Wrapping up:

Now that you have gone through this article on how to add / watch Netflix on DSTV in three simple steps. I am pretty sure you will be able to carry out the process seamlessly.

What’s more, please utilize the comment section to let us know some needed info you will love to share concerning your experience with this merger.

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