How To Create QR Codes Easily For Free

Employing the use of QR Codes is the way to go if you desire to get information passed in a fast and accurate manner. This fact describes the imperativeness of QR Code, which in no doubt has facilitated you to reach out to learn how to create QR codes easily for free.

Creating personalized QR codes is far from being difficult, all it requires is a few accurate steps. The fundamental process generally involves you inputting the data that will appear when the code is scanned and then proceed to hit the create button. It’s that simple.

How To Create QR Codes Easily For Free


To lay more emphasis on the above paragraph, we will take the procedure need on as a case study.

How To Create A QR Code falls in place as one of the platforms that allow enthusiasts to create QR codes for free. I chose to use it as an example because of its simplicity. Without further adu, Below are the steps to create QR codes:

  1. Logon to
  2. From the list of options provided on the top, select the type of data you desire to be stored in the QR code (It could be URL, Text, Email, Phone number e.t.c)
  3. Enter the data in the box provided
  4. You can also proceed to style the appearance of the QR code
  5. Hit the create QR code button
  6. Download PNG and share

As hinted in the title of this article, you basically aren’t necessitated to pay to create QR codes. As there are many platforms that offer QR code creation services for free. Some of these platforms are outlined below.

Platforms To Create Free QR Codes

  1. ForQRCode.Com
  2. QRCode-Tiger
  3. Free Qr code .net
  4. GOQR.Me
  6. PageLoot.Com
  8. QR Code.Appspot
  9. BeaconStac’s QR Code Generator
  10. QR Code Generator

wrapping up:

With the information provided above, I am pretty much convinced that you have learnt how to create QR codes. The process is as simple as described in the article.

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