How To Transfer Money Using Globus Bank Transfer Code

Allowing customers to transfer money using the USSD codes is pretty much the par for the course for Banks in Nigeria and it’s no surprise Globus also adopted this scheme. Here you will learn how to transfer money using Globus Bank Transfer Code.

The Globus bank USSD transfer system works in a manner similar to what we have on other banks. It goes down in USSD  environment which was designed by Globus bank.

How To Transfer Money Using Globus Bank Transfer Code

It basically doesn’t require internet for entry, however, all other CBN proposed charges for serviced rendered remain the same.


Again the requirements aren’t really new, except you are new to the banking system in Nigeria:

  1. Must have linked your phone number to the bank account (You can contact your bank for more details)
  2. Must have good network signal
  3. Your funds in your account must be more or equal to the funds needed to be transferred

How To Transfer Money Via Globus Bank Transfer Code

  1. Dial *989# on the dialer on your mobile phone
  2. Enter 2 and hit send
  3. Select the bank the recipient uses
  4. Fill in the other necessary fields and prompted

Aside from going through the steps outlined above, you can also enter a single line of code, as illustrated below

For Intra Transfers (Transfers from one Globus bank account to another Globus  account): *989*1*amount*recipient account number#

For Inter Transfers (Transfers from Globus bank to other banks): *989*2*amount*recipient account number#

wrapping up:

Remote banking is undoubtedly one of the best products of technology. Not that You have learnt how to transfer money using Globus bank transfer code you certainly aren’t mandated to stay in long queues to send money to people except on some peculiar occasions.

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