How To Cancel Your Tinder Gold Subscription In Four Ways

Ready to ditch the Tinder Gold service but don’t know how? This article on how to cancel your Tinder Gold subscription breaks down the procedures to getting it done on the platforms you will find Tinder. 

How To Cancel Your Tinder Gold Subscription

Below are ways to terminate your subscription on Android, iOS, and Web, which are discussed under the different headings. 

Canceling Tinder Gold Subscription on Android

If you used your Google Play Store account for a subscription, You can simply follow the steps outlined below to terminate your Tinder Gold subscription. 

  1. Lauch the Google PlayStore app
  2. Verify that you’re using the correct Google Account
  3. Click ‘My subscriptions’ on the left
  4. Choose the subscription you’d like to cancel, then go to Manage and Cancel Subscription


Tinder is also available on iOS which also means there has to be a procedure for iOS users to opt out of Tinder Gold subscription. Below are the steps:

  1. Launch the setting app on your iPhone
  2. At the top of the screen, tap your Apple ID, then tap Look at your Apple ID (you might need to sign in)
  3. Subscriptions can be found by scrolling down and tapping on them 
  4. Select the subscription you’d want to manage
  5. Select Cancel Subscription from the drop-down menu

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Canceling Tinder Gold Subscription on The Tinder App (Credit Card)

Aside from employing the standard methods of getting rid of subscriptions on both Android and iOS platforms, you can terminate your Tinder Gold subscription right in the app by following the steps outlined below: 

  1. Launch the Tinder app on your device
  2. Tap on your profile icon
  3. Tap on the manage payment account menu
  4. Proceed to cancel your subscription

Via Tinder Web

Additionally, you can also use the Tinder website to cancel your subscription. All you need do is follow the steps outlined below:

Select the icon for your profile.
Go to account management.
Select Cancel subscription.

wrapping up:

Having read through this article, I have a strong conviction you have successfully learned how to cancel your Tinder Gold subscription. 


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