How To Check If Your Nigerian Vehicle Plate Number Is Genuine

Humans and machines aren’t 100% efficient. This means there are likely hood errors may occur and as such is imperative to always perform validations. This is the driving motive behind this article on how to check if your Nigerian vehicle plate number is genuine / registered.

The danger that goes with not have a properly registered / genuine plate number cannot be overemphasized.

How To Check If Your Nigerian Vehicle Plate Number Is Genuine

Not having a genuine plate number puts a big question mark on your car ownership rights. Believe me, a third-party person can challenge your ownership. Tracing your car in the case of theft may be very difficult.

Well thanks to technological advancement, you do not necessarily have to visit the registration office. There is a remote way to perform validation and that’s exactly what this comprehensive tutorial entails.

Verifying Your Nigerian Plate Vehicle Plate Number

The Nigerian federal road safety corps (FRSC) created an online platform with a portal that immediately runs through the national identification system database to ascertain if the vehicle plate number registration is Valid / Genuine.

To check / verify if your Nigerian plate number is registered or genuine, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit Home Page – Federal Road Safety Corps (
  2. Enter your vehicle plate number
  3. Click on the submit button
  4. Wait for a confirmation message

All thing being alright, you should get a table which contains the Vehicle make and colour.

Wrapping up:

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to check if your Nigerian vehicle plate number is genuine / registered.

Please note that if you get any feed that bothers on an irregularity on your vehicle plate number registration, you are strongly advised to visit the FRSC office to lay complaints. 

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