How To Check / Know Your Vodafone Number in Three Simple Ways

Memorizing new phone numbers is something that comes naturally to some individuals, while others take a longer time to attain mastery. Well if you fall in the latter category, there are ways to dish out your new Vodafone number, to people before mastery sets in. They will be discussed in how to check / know your Vodafone number in three simple ways.

Before you dive into this comprehensive tutorial properly, it’s best you lay waste to any perceived difficulty.

how to check / know your Vodafone number in three ways

The steps are quite easy to comprehend, so much so that they may eventually further delay your quest to mastering your phone number😁

1. Calling

Calling another line (Prolly the line of the person that needs your phone number), is legit the most common way to knowing your Vodafone number and it’s basically the same story Telecom users on other networks.

Ideally, the other person sees your number when you call them with your Vodafone like, so you can proceed to request they read the number to you in the event you desire to save gain mastery.

However, this method doesn’t really hold when you are out of airtime, this is where you would probably consider the other methods discussed under the latter paragraphs.

How To Check Your Vodafone Number Using USSD

Vodafone intuitively created a special USSD code that allows its customers to check / know their number. The code to check Vodafone’s phone number is *111*2#.

  1.  Now simply dial *111*2# on your mobile phone
  2. Wait to receive an SMS with your registered phone number right away

Using The Vodafone Mobile App 

The Vodafone mobile app is another channel you can use to check your Vodafone number, it’s usually displayed on your profile on the app. Below are the required steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and download the Vodafone app.
  2. Log in with the requested particulars
  3. Your Vodafone mobile number can be found on the app’s home screen

wrapping up:

With these short and simple steps, checking your Vodafone number shouldn’t be a hassle anymore. Feel free to let us know in the comment section if there are other methods that exisits.


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