How To Fund Your E-Naira Wallet / How To Buy E-Naira

How to fund your E-Naira Wallet / how to buy E-Naira: In a similar fashion to other digital currencies, the E-Naira is stored in a digital wallet, as opposed to Fiat (Currency Note or coins) which are held physically.

There may be a similarity in the digital wallet system, however, the similarities aren’t thorough. As at the time this article was written, the E-Naira could only be stored on its proprietary wallet and also didn’t have the same wallet address system as seen with other similar government-owned coins like the USDT which is basically the American dollar in digital form.

It’s a new provision and as such, the potential holders would have to go through stream details to get acquainted and this article just happens to be one of such. Without further ado, let’s jump right into what’s needed.

A Couple of Things To Note

  • Funding an E-Naira wallet can be done via a Bank App, via Peer to peer (From one E-Naira wallet to another), and via an agent at a registered bank.
  • Not all banks apps had the E-Naira tab as at the time this article was written
  • Your E-Naira account details are imperative
  • Your E-Naira wallet name is your registered e-mail
  • There are plans to create an avenue for enthusiasts to have E-Naira wallets without having Nigerian bank accounts, however, the system, wasn’t in place at the time this article was written.

Steps to Fund Your E-Naira Wallet / Buy E-Naira Using Your Mobile Bank App

  1. Log in to your bank app

2. Look for the E-Naira tab and proceed to enter the tab

Steps to Fund Your E-Naira Wallet / Buy E-Naira Using Your Bank App
Placement may vary on different bank apps

3. Fill in your particulars

4. Enter the amount of Naira you desire to move to your E-Naira wallet

5. Hit the transfer button

6. Login to your E-Naira wallet app to confirm the transfer

List of Banks Currently Offering E-Naira Support

  1. Access Bank
  2. Citibank
  3. CBN
  4. Coronation Bank
  5. Eco Bank
  6. FBN Quest
  7. Fidelity Bank
  8. FCMB
  9. FSDH Group
  10. Globus Bank
  11. Greenwich Bank
  12. GTB
  13. Heritage Bank
  14. Jaiz Bank
  15. Keystone Bank
  16. Lotus Bank
  17. Nova Merchant Bank
  18. Parallex Bank
  19. Polaris Bank
  20. Providus Bank
  21. Rand Merchant Bank
  22. Stanbic IBTC
  23. Standard Chattered
  24. Sterling Bank
  25. SunTrust Bank
  26. Toj Bank
  27. Titantrust Bank
  28. UBA
  29. Union Bank of Nigeria
  30. Unity Bank
  31. Wema Bank
  32. Zenith Bank

Having gone through this comprehensive tutorial How to fund your E-Naira Wallet / how to buy E-Naira. I have high hopes that the system has been demystified. However, if you do have issues or further questions, do well to visit your nearest bank branch for assistance.

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