How To Track MoneyGram Transactions Online in Two Ways

MoneyGram tracking; How to track MoneyGram transactions online: MoneyGram as a means of money payments and orders and for paying bills across borders requires a level of concern in knowing the status of your transaction that can validate your claim in case of any glitch.

How To Track MoneyGram Transactions Online

This is attainable by simply tracking your MoneyGram transaction online which requires the following details:


1) Email address and password.
2) Your reference or authorization number
3) Your last name

Email address and password:

These are gotten during your account creation and are needed to log into your profile. A misplaced or wrong password means you can’t access your profile and as such, you can click on the forgotten password to create a new password so as to get back access into your profile.

Reference/Authorization number:

This number is assigned to you after submission and a successfully sent transaction. Check your email to get these numbers and save them as they are important in your tracking process.

Last name:

Ensure that your last name is correct and spelled appropriately as this can cause an inability to track your transaction.

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Having these above details is the first step in tracking your MoneyGram transaction.

However, there are generally two ways of tracking your MoneyGram transaction online, which includes:

How To Track Money Gram Money Transaction Via The MoneyGram Direct Tracking Website

1. Logon to MoneyGram money tracking website

2.  Typing in your reference or the authentication number you got from the email you received from MoneyGram.

3. Input your legal last name which should be correctly spelled so as to view your transaction without stress.

4.  Click on track.

All these processes should be followed strictly as they are important in getting your MoneyGram transaction status.

Via Your MoneyGram Dashboard

Log into your account and view your transaction history by following the steps below:

  1. Log on to the MoneyGram website.
  2. Log into your profile using your email and password
  3. Select transaction history and all transactions carried out will be displayed if pending or processing or successful will be stated.

wrapping up:

There you have it – Now that you have learned How To Track MoneyGram Transactions Online. Do well to keep tabs on your transactions for clear proof of handling.

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