How To Upload Pre-recorded Videos To Instagram Reels

How to upload pre-recorded videos to Instagram: If you have ever spent some time in the Reels section of Instagram, then am pretty sure you agree with me that it’s a very fun and addictive section bearing a plethora of interesting short videos from different fields.

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you do not only want to get entertained by the videos being uploaded but you also desire to create your own reels, for either just social functions or to uphold an influencer status.

There are actually several ways to have your videos placed on Instagram reels. You can record the videos inside Instagram and also have a pre-recorded video uploaded, which is the main aim behind this article.

Why would you want to upload a pre-recorded video? Well, there are different reasons that aren’t far-fetched. You have edited the video elsewhere, just want to upload an already recording video e.t.c. Whichever the case may be, below are the steps you should follow:

Making Instagram Reels With Pre-Recorded Videos From Your Gallery:

1. Launch your Instagram app and navigate to the Reels section

2. Now click on the camera icon in the top right corner

how to upload Pre-recorded videos to Instagram Reels

3. Click on the “+” icon in the bottom left corner to add the video of your choice

4. Finalize the length and proceed to upload the video of your choice

how to upload Pre-recorded videos to Instagram Reels

Note: As at the time this article was written, Instagram Reel only had support for videos up to 60 seconds. 

wrapping up:  Now that you have successfully run through this article on how to upload Pre-recorded videos to Instagram Reels, you can go ahead to upload your favorite videos without having to deal with the Instagram reel video recording environment which may not be totally favorable to you.

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