10 Best Pomodoro Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

Best Pomodoro chrome extensions to increase productivity: Sticking to a tasking till it’s completed is legit one of the most difficult things to do in this modern age. It is greatly influenced by the plethora of distractions you will find in the digital space which is headed by the internet.

These distractions aren’t restricted to just the media. Jobs clusters and a whole lot of other things can slow your job down.

Thankfully, there are provisions you can employ to maintain/increase productivity. Pomodoro chrome extensions are an example of such. This article provides you a list of 10 of such extensions:

1. Pomotodo:

Best Pomodoro Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

One of the Promodoro extensions for your chrome browser enables you to focus during work and get more tasks done in the shortest possible time.

Having features that have been proven true and tried by thousands of people such as the to-do list, where are all activities to be done are listed, and same time help to track your activities through its reminder notification.

With an average rating percentage of your task, you are able to identify the most effective days of the week. Both IOS and Android devices are enabled.

2. OneTab:

Best Promodoro Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

A unique multi-browser Promodoro extension that works on google chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari enables you to reduce tab clutter by converting all your tab into a list for easy access and saving memory storage for your browser.

This enables easy resumption of your computer from sleep which is an added advantage.
Productivity is enhanced as you don’t need to keep searching for previous tabs as they are all stored in your one-tab list.

3. Marinara:

Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant

A Google chrome extension that enables you to work in a 25 minutes cycle with focus and no distraction followed by a 5 minutes break which is increased to 15 minutes after the fourth session giving a better resting time which adds up to your overall mental health and boost your productivity without breakdown.

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Having customized timer features makes you set the amount of time and period you want that activity to last without distraction from emails, texts, and phone calls which helps to improve and promote your work and project productivity.

4. Workona:

Best Promodoro Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

Going through multiple cloud apps may be hectic and less productive. The workplace features enable all documents for your projects and tasks to be organized into one place for easy access, making it easy to track all articles, spreadsheets, and mockups. There is also an opportunity to invite those who can be of help in your project to join you and make project tasks fast to accomplish.

5. FocusBooster: 

The Top 8 Apps and Extensions for Avoiding Distractions While Working

Taking control of your time, reducing distraction, and finishing on a win through improved focus on a task is achievable using a focus booster.

You can also measure your progress to ascertain how productive you have been, which enables you to gain confidence in your time management skills, leading to a healthy work-life balance.

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This app’s new and recently added features make it one of the best and unique Pomodoro extensions, due to its automatic long break after four sessions, which is editable and optimal. Popup notification that reminds you to get back to work with its browser tab-count down makes it easier to know the time remaining to finish a particular task.

6. Habitica Pomodoro site keeper:

Habitica Pomodoro SiteKeeper

Still on the topic of Pomodoro chrome extensions to increase productivity. Time wastage is turned into a productive reward due to its timer and site blocker as sites that are unproductive and non-rewarding are blocked, which enables you to be fully focused and get your task done at the allocated time and scoring you according to your focus habit.

7. Forest:

Forest Chrome Extension - YouTube

The Forest chrome extension so happens to be one of the Pomodoro extensions that is supported on both Android and iOS devices. which makes you focus on important things by planting a tree that grows while you focus on your work as leaving the app will cause your tree to die which enables you to stay productive for a longer period of time.

8. Noisli:

Best Promodoro Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

As the name implies, noises and distractions are avoided as you stay focus having a calm and relaxing moment through the good playlist and background sounds that help in reducing the negative impact of sudden spikes and create a personal environment that fuels creativity and reduces stress, and gets all task done easily and fast.

9. BeFocus Pro:

Distractions are eliminated as you keep up with things as planned and get them done with ease. Features such as a to-do list make it easier to put down all ideas without missing important things out.
Annual goals are well structured for easy accomplishment into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily to-dos by enabling you to work brilliantly so as to meet your ultimate needs and goals.

10. Otto:

Best Chrome Extension for Productivity - Otto Chrome Extension Review! - YouTube

Otto enables you to block unwanted sites so that you can be mindful of your work. It is unique as Otto being a digital Tamagotchi depletes in health when you visit blocked sites and regains health when you stay away from blocked sites and this boosts productivity through focus.

wrapping up:

Do well to utilize this list of Pomodoro chrome extensions to increase productivity. They have various different and unique features that enable you to choose the one best for your personality and interest by making your productivity your priority.

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