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Apps to tell if your phone is rooted

5 Apps to Tell if a Phone is Rooted | Best Root Checker Apps

Turns out the need for that extra access overcame the fear of damaging your device, and you decided to root your Android smartphone. You...
how to install android q beta on tecno spark 3 pro

How To Install Android Q Beta on Tecno Spark 3 Pro

Ever heard of a Tecno smartphone being updated to a new Android version? I for one haven't heard of any. Over the years, we...

Android P will allow you to connect your phone to five Bluetooth speakers...

Following the release of the Bluetooth 5 and the android O (Oreo), android smartphones had the ability to connect to two bluetooth devices simultaneously. Google...

How to block phone numbers on android smartphones in 2021

Having issues with that annoying phone number? In this article I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to block certain phone numbers...

How to make games stop lagging on andriod

This is a simple procedure  to stop games from lagging when being played.First you have to activate your developers option. TO ACTIVATE DEVELOPER OPTION 1....