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Gionee M12 Price in Nigeria

Gionee M12 Price in Nigeria, Specs and Features

After a long while of releasing low-budget smartphones like the Gionee S12, Gionee is once again threading a higher ground. The Gionee M12 is...
Tecno Pouvoir 4 vs Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro

Tecno Pouvoir 4 vs Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro : Outlining the differences

The Tecno Pouvoir 4 series of smartphones succeed last year's Tecno Pouvoir 3. Offering a more exciting package. In this article on Tecno Pouvoir...
Tecno Pouvoir 4 Specs

Tecno Pouvoir 4 Specs, Price and Review

The Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro comes in as an upgrade to last year's Tecno Pouvoir 3. Being a successor, you have got an improved...
Poco F2 Pro specs

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro Specs and Price In Nigeria

This year Xiaomi opted for two versions of the Poco phone. The Poco F2 Pro is the most premium of the duo. It is...
Tecno Spark 5 specs

Tecno Spark 5 Specs, Price and Review

The Tecno spark series has over been that subtle smartphone series that has been offering good smartphone hardware for the price they bear. The...
Infinix Hot 9 Play

Infinix Hot 9 Play Specs, Price and Review

The Infinix Hot 9 Play is a less premium variant of the Infinix Hot 9. It is a more affordable option designed for enthusiasts...
Itel A56 Specs

Itel A56 Specs and Price in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya

The Itel A56 takes continues the cheap low budget phones Trend of its predecessors. It packs in low-end specs targeted at satisfying enthusiasts who...
Infinix s5 vs Infinix S5 lite

Infinix S5 vs Infinix S5 Lite | What’s the difference?

The Infinix S5 series features the best smartphones Infinix released in 2019. They feature a very attractive design, good cameras, awesome display, and above...
Infinix Smart 4 specs

Infinix Smart 4 Specs and Price in Nigeria

The Infinix Smart 4, represents the fourth generation of Infinix's smart series. Though a bit more powerful than it's predecessors, the Infinix smart 4...
Tecno Spark 4 Specs

Tecno Spark 4 Specs and Price in Nigeria

In the past, Tecno Mobile released new models under different lineups per year, but it turns out Tecno has adopted a new strategy. Barely...
Infinix Note 6

Infinix Note 6 Specs, features, Price

It all began with the Infinix Note 4 stylus. Infinix Introduced a stylus pen, to its Note series. Mimicking Samsung's note series. There have...