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Tecno Phantom 9 VS Samsung Galaxy A30 | Making a Difficult Choice

Gone are the days when almost all Samsung phones had premium prices. Samsung has ventured into the budget smartphone market. With smartphones from the...
how to take screenshot on the samsung galaxy s10

How To Take A Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10E

Every year we get to see new and exciting innovations from Samsung, innovations that make the total user experience of smartphone better, making smartphones a...
Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A9 | A Samsung Smartphone With 5 cameras

Smartphone released in October 2018 have shown to always make headlines with their cameras. It's either the smartphone manufacturing company improved the cameras on...

Best Smartphones August 2018

Best smart phones, is a term used to refer to phones that possess the non regular features we are used to. Being non regular in...

Samsung Galaxy Note 9| Features- specs -price

Being the Nineth smartphone from Samsung's note series, the Samsung Galaxy note 9 is a symbol of great technological advancement from Samsung's mobile division. The...

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 | The tablet everybody needs

Samsung Tabs as every tech enthusiast should know, occupies a high position in the hierarchy of tablets. The idea of a having a wider and...
Samsung galaxy s9

Samsung galaxy S9 – specs and features

After a lot of leaks and rumors of leaks the Samsung galaxy s9 and s9+ is finally here. Samsung galaxy s9 leaves you with minute...

Samsung unveils the world largest SSD with 30TB of Storage

The battle for the reduction of storage devices with increase in their storage capacity has been and is still one of the most popular...
samsung galaxy c9

Samsung galaxy c9 is Samsung’s first 6 gig ram phone

Samsung has added another device to it's c series not just any device but its first 6 gigs ram phone. Before the production of...

Samsung may use LG batteries for their Galaxy s8

There is a claim that, the explosion of Samsung's  Note 7 phone  is due to a fault from its batteries. So they  decided to...