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How to use WhatsApp, Telegram and other messagers in Chrome

How To Use WhatsApp, Telegram and Other Messengers on Chrome

Social Media platforms have over the years grown to become an integral part of our social and business lives. Today we have businesses and...
how to protect your whatsapp account from hackers

How to prevent people from adding you to Whatsapp Groups

In recent times, we have come to discover the impunity people have with adding their contacts to WhatsApp groups without their content, something that...
how to protect your whatsapp account from hackers

How To Protect Your Whatsapp Account From Hackers Using Two Factor Authentication

Your internet security has never been this threatened! Nowadays, hacked WhatsApp accounts have become a normal thing. The fact that you are currently reading...
How to update GBwhatsapp

How To Update GBWhatsApp

It is very difficult to find a smartphone user that doesn't have a WhatsApp account. Whatsapp users have over the years increased, reaching billions....
how to read deleted whatsapp messages on Android

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp has become one of, if not the popular mobile messenger app with over a billion downloads. Being a very popular messaging app, WhatsApp keeps...